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Whether you think you can do something or not, you are right.  So you might as well think you can. 

Discovering Wellness                  

Wellness is more than a body without 'disease'
It's All in the Attraction 

I'm sure you've either seen or heard about 'The Secret' by now, and if you haven't I highly recommend that you take a moment to do so because it is absolutely phenomenal.  It's been all over the media lately.  The Secret is a best seller; has been featured on Larry King Live, twice on Oprah, the major news channels as well as many other places.

It's all about attracting what you desire.  You'll find a link in this e-mail for more information.

I'm excited because I have been living and teaching the Law of Attraction principle for years.  And yes, trust me, there are moments when my life is not flowing as smoothly as it could.  Although what has happened over the years is that I recognize and take action quicker to reverse situations when things aren't moving forward with ease.

Not releasing past experiences from the body is the number one obstacle that The Secret neglects to share about manifestation.  The 'thoughts we think' and the 'words we say' affect us physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and financially; and the emotions behind those thoughts and actions are stored at the cellular level of the body.  Becoming aware of the location in the body and removing those stored negative messages is absolutely essential to 'Discovering Wellness'.

Join me as I'm offering a variety of classes in April - Mary - and June, dealing with 'health and wellness' and the Laws of Attraction.   

 Practical Intuition
Begin sitting with your arms uncrossed, your feet flat on the ground, and your eyes closed.  Inhale deeply through your nose, hold for a few seconds, and completely exhale through your mouth.

Repeat 3-4 times.

Develop a natural breathing pattern.

As you continue to breath in a natural relaxed manner, I want you to imagine something that you have been trying to create and haven't yet done so...

utilize all of your senses...
what is holding you back?
continue to breathe...
when the answer comes to you, and it will..
imagine exhaling your 'what's holding you back thought' into a balloon...

that's it inhale...locate the thought...
and exhale into the balloon...
when the balloon is about ready to burst tie a know in the balloon...
as the balloon floats into the sky...
imagine sticking the balloon with a needle...
you are releasing your 'what's holding you back thought' into the air
   for Mother Nature to turn into something positive...

Offer gratitude and gently blink your eyes open.
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"Put energy and intention out into the world and it carves a path back to you." 
~~Judith and Jim

"The power to move the world is in the subconscious mind."  ~~William James

"In all our acts of manifestation, we are really only manifesting a new aspect of ourselves.  We are giving our lives a new shape.  We are the primary object of
our manifestation."  ~~David Spangler

"Plant the seed of desire in your mind and it forms a nucleus with power to
attract to itself everything needed for its fulfillment."  ~~Robert Collier




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