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Whether you think you can do something or not, you are right.  So you might as well think you can. 

Healing is an Inside Job...           

Wellness is more than a body without 'disease'.

Stay Healthy This Winter Season, Be Pro-Active!!!

The media is inducing fear and panic this winter season.  Donít be persuaded by the media that if you donít get a flu shot you will get the flu.  If you believe you are going to get sick, chances are, you probably will.  Be pro-active!  Educate yourself!  Prevent the spread of germs!  As the winter season approaches use the following health awareness tips:


Hands are the primary method of transporting germs.  Wash them before:  eating or handling food, touching your eyes, mouth, nose, and after using the bathroom.

Get adequate rest, Eat nutritiously, drink Extra liquids
We are better able to resist getting sick by fighting off germs and infections when we take good physical and mental care of ourselves.

Be respectful of others and of yourself
Reduce the spread of germs.  Cover your mouth/nose when you cough or sneeze with a tissue.  If no tissues are available, sneeze into your shirtsleeve near the bend of your elbow.  Turn away from others.  Hey, wash your hands, again!

Use affirmations.  Think healthy thoughts
My body is healthy and strong.  Every cell in my body is functioning properly.
My immune system is healthy and strong.  I am healthy in all areas of my life.
I sleep relaxed and I awaken healthy and refreshed. 

Strengthen your immune system
Dry brush your skin with a natural bristle brush.  This automatically activates your bodyís healing and immune processes.

Show gratitude to your body
Offer thanks anytime during the day that every system in your body is functioning exactly as it is intended to function.

Offer encouraging thoughts when you do not feel well.  Ask 'what is it that you need from me today', and then listen. 

In the event that you do become ill, remember to exchange your old toothbrush for a fresh clean one.

Stay home if/when you are sick
Itís all about honoring yourself, protecting yourself from others that are ill, and preventing the spread of illness.  If you do become ill set a clear intention for becoming well.


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