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Whether you think you can do something or not, you are right.  So you might as well think you can. 

According to a New York Times article, the cost of stress to business is $200-$300 billion a year in absenteeism, lost productivity, turnover,
and illness.

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Clearly, American business faces a major challenge.  With no intervention, the losses due to stress will only cost businesses more as time goes on.  

Workplace Health...

Professional training in the costs, the causes, and the solutions to the problem of stress in the workplace.

How is stress affecting your company?

Results from the Gallup Poll (2000),
"Attitudes in the American Workplace VI"

* Approximately one million employees in the US are absent
   daily due to stress or stress-related conditions
* 78% of Americans respond that their job is stressful
* Another 74% felt stress was impacting their coworkers
* In California, Workman's Comp claims for stress have topped
   one billion dollars annually
* 80% of workers feel stress on the job, and nearly half of those
   say they need help in learning how to manage stress
* Prescriptions for anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs and sleep
   aids rose 27% between 2000 and 2002

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As a health and wellness consultant, and personal development coach, Mary provides a comprehensive and integrated approach to workplace health designed to improve and sustain the health of organizations, their work environments and employees.

Stress Management Training Outline:

  • The cost of stress to the individual and the business
  • The nature of stress
  • Definitions: stressor, stress, eustress
  • Statistics relating to stress
  • Signs and symptoms of stress
  • Assessing stress triggers and levels
  • Major vs. minor stresses
  • Techniques for physical relaxation
    (i.e., breathing methods, visualization)
  • Techniques to relax mentally
  • Techniques to deal with anger and frustration
  • Time Management skills
  • Communication skills
  • Developing stress resistant values and goals
  • Using a support system
  • Environmental tips for reducing stress
  • Stress management as part of an overall wellness program  

Included in the program fee:

  • Complete participant's manual
  • Transferable skills for work and life
  • CEUs for RN's, where applicable  

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According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, job stress is a combination of worker characteristics and working conditions.

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"The work I did in class regarding some of my
co-workers has paid off.  The ones who have 'the attitude' don't bother me any more, and a couple have started to be friendlier.  Loved your workshop!"
~Donna Shinn