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Whether you think you can do something or not, you are right.  So you might as well think you can. 

CE Homecare...

Do you have the capability of offering nurse continuing education for your employees, or wish to use it as a marketing tool?  If not, have Mary provide
the continuing education courses for you.  

There is an ANSWER, that doesn’t impact the functioning of your company,


Allow me to conduct the continuing education presentations for you.


I will be responsible for the presentation, event registration, certificates, and storing the associated paperwork.


We agree upon a date and time for the continuing education event and I’ll be there.


The possibilities are endless.
          Hire me one time
          Hire me for the week

          Hire me to travel locally, regionally, or nationally over the course of several
               weeks or months


Number of courses currently available: 
          Ten, 60-minute classes.  Each class equals 1.2 Nursing Contact Hours.
          Custom designed courses are also available upon request 

* Caregivers Stress-less...Relax More
* Energy Exchange in Everyday Life
* Pain:  Reflect, Release, Rejuvenate  
Accelerate the Body’s Rate of Healing and Recovery
* Work-Life Balance
* Introduction to Energy Medicine
* My Chakra’s are Out of Balance, Now What?
* Identifying and Changing Stressful Self-Talk
* Say Goodbye to P
2 (Perfectionism/Procrastination)
* Develop Healthy Boundaries and Change Your Energy Patterns


          Increase your capital as your referral sources will remember you
          Doesn’t impact your personnel

          Your company maintains a working relationship with a variety of different
                referral sources
          Nurses love to receive complimentary continuing education
          Unique opportunity

Contact Mary for information  mary@healthwellnessandyou.com